Snapchat sex ads

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Snapchat sex ads

Snapchat is one of the most popular social networks in the world. It boasts nearly million daily active users. Something that Snapchat is literally built upon and thrives with. The cornerstone of Snapchat is different from any other platform. Content is often natural and unedited, showing behind-the-scenes footage or real-life activities that remain unfiltered.

So, is it really meant for paid advertising? Do people even engage with brands on Snapchat, let alone paid ? Anyone that has used Snapchat knows one thing:. Things like augmented reality, fun and engaging filtersface swap and more. And all of these features can be capitalized on by advertisers looking to bring in sales or brand awareness. Currently, Snapchat offers three different types of ad formats.

Snapchat sex ads

Each ad format has multiple sub-formats as well, giving advertisers a few different choices and ways to hit multiple objectives. Snap are full-screen on Snapchat that come in video format. For web viewing, your ad will play in video format, prompting people to swipe up to visit your website.

Snapchat sex ads

This works to reduce conversion friction from having to type out your while viewing the ad. When users swipe up, they can download your application without having to go to the app store or even leave the Snapchat app. Once again, Snapchat provides incredible conversion friction-reducing technology for easy conversions. Long-form video is focused on driving traffic to a trailer, film or long piece of video like a how-to. Now, Snapchat has opened the floodgates for advertisers to create filters based on where the user is in the real world.

This ad format is generally reserved for businesses with a brick-and-mortar location and companies looking to drive more brand awareness. Lenses are the filters that you see when you take a selfie. They can alter your facial appearance or put dynamic, augmented reality features on your photo:.

Once again, this ad format is likely to appeal more to huge brands that sell products to massive target markets. And while a few of them are best for brand-awareness campaigns, standard video content driving web visits or snapchat sex ads installs can be used by anyone. According to eMarketer, when compared to the ad revenues of Facebook and Google, Snapchat is struggling big time. While Facebook and Google have been around longer and have larger user bases which makes them more compelling, the difference is staggering.

Currently, Instagram is dominating the competition. Fluent recently studied Snapchat by surveying over 3, American adults. The were pretty shocking:. With all of this negative data, I have some concerns of my own regarding the efficacy of the data:. The methodology is a key factor in the of any study. That is heavily generic.

What was the age range of the study? What is the defined age of an American adult? Often, a young adult can be in their early twenties or even approaching their thirties. This concerns me for one primary reason: the demographics of Snapchat users are dominated by people under So before ruling out Snapchat, I suggest running a few tests to see if your target market uses Snapchat. What works for one business may not work for another.

Another precautionary measure you can take is snapchat sex ads your own target market and comparing it to demographics on Snapchat. But according to eMarketer, 6. Compare this data to your own demographic data on current customers. Using a tool like Facebook Insightsyou can locate plenty of information on current customers:. Using the Household tab, you can see household income and compare that directly to Snapchat demographics:.

Another great method to see if your target market is on Snapchat is to simply survey followers on Twitter and Facebook using polls. If you have a decent amount of followers on each platform, you can ask a simple question to your customer base to see if they engage on Snapchat. Assess what responses you get and consider comparing the demographic data of your Twitter users back to Snapchat to ensure they line up.

Since are video-based, Snapchat provides a platform on their site for creating and editing video. If you already have a Snapchatyou can in and transition it from a personal to a business. When creating newthe platform will feel similar to Facebook in that you choose a primary objective before creating your .

Snapchat sex ads

Currently, you can pick between driving traffic to your website, application installs, remarketing audiences, video views or simply growing brand awareness. One of the great features is being able to run on a timeline. For example, you could run holiday sales campaigns that drive website traffic, limiting their dates to a specific week. Next, you can start to build your ad sets.

This includes delivery time, status and creative type:. Creative type is simply the ad type that you want to use corresponding to the objective you chose in the campaign-setup stage. After choosing your creative type, you can start to customize targeting factors for your audience:.

Snapchat sex ads

Similarly to Facebook, Snapchat packs a powerhouse of data on its users. You can target by interest, lifestyles, shopping behavior and more. Plus, you can optimize what device you want to target. For example, if you run applications only on the iOS app store, you can ensure that you only show for Apple users. Simply download an example and format your list correctly. Next, your list and wait for Snapchat to match your customer list to current s.

If you want to target new audiences, create a lookalike audience based on your current customers:. Like Facebook, you can choose audience sizes and specific countries to target. The smaller the audience size, the more specific your lookalike users will be to current customer groups.

Snapchat sex ads

You can either a video, create one, or choose from templated videos that you can add text and graphics to. And with Snapchat analyticsyou can measure the performance and of your campaigns in seconds:. Overall, using the Snapchat Ad Platform is easy.

Create your today and get started. Try running a few by setting up a spending limit to see if you can land sales. If there is anything we can learn about finding success on Snapchat, we can learn it from experience. There are multiple brands using Snapchat that are finding massive conversion rates and increases in sales on-site and for their mobile apps. Peakthe popular brain game application drove 1. It eliminates steps that could kill conversion momentum. Fallout 4a popular video game, also used Snapchat to reach 26 million new users. That price increases depending on the size of reach you choose, though.

For example, selecting a neighborhood vs. What about sponsored lenses? You can expect to pay a fortune. Snapchat is expensive for most options. But, if you want to reach a smaller amount of people in your immediate location or test the waters with videoyou can. Snapchat sex ads million people use the platform daily. Engagement is massive, with people opening the app at least 25 times each day.

Snapchat sex ads

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