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I came out publicly in the Autumn last year. I consider myself a scientist, endurance runner, cyclist and general outdoors enthusiast. My main sport is long distance trail running. Before transitioning I would spend hours in the gym trying to change my body in a masculine way to try and conform to other peoples ideals. felt like damage.

I jumped between sports but never found a sport that I could commit to. My one passion was hill walking and mountaineering. The mountains were a place I could escape to and be myself. Exercise has been a major part transgirls tumblr my life since beginning transition. It gives me time to reflect while out on a run. Running gave me an outlet for stress and time to focus on the moment without worrying about anything. I exercise for myself now and because I enjoy the exercise I have seen my activity levels increase as a result.

At school I was not particularly fit, and made excuses to miss sports. I had tried to get fit at times.

Transgirls tumblr

I went to secondary school in Spain, and tried to take up running in my lunch breaks with a friend around the vineyards of the Jalon Valley. I started running when I was seventeen. I could only do 20 seconds running, 40 seconds walking at first!

I felt embarrassed when people saw me. But I kept transgirls tumblr. After my arm injury I fell into a depression. Running was the thing that lifted me out of that hole. It gave me an outlet and means to take back control of my life. It was then that I began training in earnest and entered an ultramarathon.

With the place booked, I had no choice! I started eating much healthier, and drinking less, and running a lot more. Pushing myself in races has since given me the confidence and means to push through many challenges I have faced transitioning. Have you found any challenges around trans people competing?

I do worry about competing and winning in the female category at times as I have not been medically transitioning long enough to qualify by most international standards.

Transgirls tumblr

I entered my first race as Erin in the female category at the beginning ofthe Born to Run Ultra in South Wales. I contacted the race director and explained my circumstances. He was exceptionally understanding, and even introduced me to a friend of his who was transitioning.

I raced in the female category but explained I would refuse the prize if I won. In the running events I have participated in so far I have always experienced an open and friendly atmosphere, however in future I will worry about competing and winning in transgirls tumblr female category.

What do you think of the recently released Olympic guidelines on trans athletes. I am glad they have been progressive and also transparent in their guidelines. It gives people like me a reference to send to race directors if I feel I should explain my circumstances. Most of the races I enter are not regulated by large sporting federations, so having clear guidance from a body such as the IOC is a great resource to have as it shows that thorough research has been conducted transgirls tumblr officials who have determined that trans people can compete fairly in our identified genders.

I will never be an Olympian, but their guidelines are adopted widely outside of the Olympics. I love trail running. It takes you to places away from the busy urban settings. The softer ground easier on the ts and the varied terrain keeps you focused in the moment. I love escaping into nature, stopping after running up a hill to look back at the view, racing down a narrow winding coastal path barely keeping control.

And trail running is free! To get involved I would suggest ing a local Saturday parkrun for the addictive community feeling that draws me back every Saturday morning. They are all over the UK and are free 5k runs for all abilities.

Transgirls tumblr

Otherwise, just pull on a pair of trainers and find your nearest footpath or bridleway and see where it takes you! What has been the reactions of others in the sports you play to you being transgender? The majority of people have been warm and accepting at events.

Most people, like myself, are not running to win the race but rather to enjoy the trails and community feel. Only once have I had someone act in transgirls tumblr rude manner at transgirls tumblr race, whispering and passing comment on me at the start of the event, however I simply ignored them and struck up conversation with the other runners. What advice would you give trans people who are thinking about taking up sport or exercise but are worried about not finding inclusive spaces?

I think contacting your local club for whatever sport you wish to participate in can be a good start. You can explain your concerns and see what they say. They may put your concerns at ease and you will have a contact to meet when you first visit. Friendly community running groups and events like parkrun are great places to meet people and exercise in a non-competitive setting.

Finally, what do you think needs to be done to make sports more trans inclusive? In my own experience, a statement on a clubs website of their inclusiveness can go a long way to encouraging participation. Providing gender neutral facilities can help allay anxiety and encourage more trans people to sports centres and gyms, particularly at the early stages of transition. of Erins adventures on her blog and follow her on instagram too.

Transgirls tumblr

Marquita : Trans Can Sport is a project dedicated to supporting the well being of Trans People through physical activities. Our sessions are conducted transgirls tumblr instructors who are professionals in their field and have received trans awareness training.

These sessions are open to anyone who feels their transgender identity prevents them from taking part in fitness. Rory : The inspiration to set up the project up happened after I took on Marquita as a personal trainer. I realised the benefits of having not only someone to ensure I was on the right path to meet my goals but one who also took on board my situation as a trans person. We were doing a bit of weightlifting and boxing and I thought it would benefit other trans men, in particular. Marquita: When Rory came to me with the idea, I was excited as I had ly attempted to host session, specifically for the trans community, but was unsuccessful in drawing in the s.

I do believe that this was one of barriers for individuals not attending sessions ly. Trans Can Sport was launched January We have also received generous donations from some of our participants. Marquita : We have several different activities at the moment. Trans Can Fight teaches people boxing and kick boxing techniques to boost confidence, self defence and cardio fitness. Trans Can Lift demonstrates basic resistance exercises so that participant are able to perform them safely and efficiently. Trans Can Yoga is a fantastic way for people to get into yoga, whether they are advanced or and an absolute beginner.

Trans Can Play is transgirls tumblr an instructed session, but are group sessions at local parks where we can throw a frisbee, kick a football and other shenanigans. Rory: This is a big question, so I will bullet point a few that come to mind. There are by no means exhaustive:. Many people feel they need to be fit before even stepping in a gym and worry about what others will think of them. Feeling your gender identity will be judged too adds to this anxiety.

Transgirls tumblr

Ways around this include coming and going from the gym in kit and showering at home. This obviously takes much more time and effort and can be embarrassing. For example, swimming attire can be a particular barrier. Also needing to wear chest binders which can be dangerous if worn during exercise to present a male body for FTMs.

Transgirls tumblr

Trans women have concerns about looking too masculine. It was out of the question. The only time I could swim was in the sea in the summer when I could wear baggy shorts and a t-shirt. Trans people are more likely to suffer from a mental health issue often as a consequence of a transphobic society which may make it difficult to keep active. Also, medical transition can potentially require long periods of respite after surgery.

What were they? Marquita : During the sessions I have instructed, many people have been excited about the sessions and have been very positive. Rory :Many people feel more comfortable being around other trans people. I think for some people they get to properly relax and enjoy the space without the worry of having to defend themselves. TGC: So how can clubs, gyms, leisure centres make their venues more trans inclusive? And lack of privacy in changing rooms.

Or showers without space to dress in. Rory : I think there will always be a need for trans only activities, even if we have a completely equal and trans friendly society. Some trans people will still experience gender dysphoria, which presents its own challenges.

The way we run means we only work with people we can trust and understand the ethos of the project. We work with local trainers and small businesses so there is an incentive for them to get it right as they might benefit from continuing custom. Also small businesses tend transgirls tumblr meet our needs better by having smaller and private premises, rather than larger ones that would need to be shared with the general public.

We also give one-on-one trans awareness training to our trainers and feed back to them in a constructive way about transgirls tumblr language works or what activities might cause problems for some participants. Thank you Trans Can Sport, for making all this possible. The instructor took time to speak to me about my own goals, physical limitations and history, and incorporated these in everything we did, which was a relief for anyone looking at starting off slowly.

I was encouraged to take everything at my own pace and as well as being challenged, I felt properly supported and encouraged. It was in a very safe and private space which also put me at ease. I will definitely be attending the other sessions where I can, and would encourage anyone thinking about it or hesitating to give it a shot! This has become such a lovely part of my transition journey and something to look forward to when things get too much for me.

Rory : Do whatever makes you feel good. Be realistic with your goals and how you will achieve them. You can workout at home or at a park if you feel more comfortable in that environment. Have specific goals in mind and work from there. Consistency is the key when it come to hitting your target. Marquita : As an idea yes absolutely. I think it would be wonderful if there were similar projects throughout the country.

That is something we would be happy to support and advise on. We run Trans Can Sport on a specific agenda and ethos and we are still a little bit down the road from launching in other areas. Rory : yes, I think so. There are pots of money to be found transgirls tumblr only a little bit is needed to go a long way.

I grew up in the country and there was nothing for LGBT people, let alone trans folk. TGC: Thanks for a great interview and taking the time talk to us! I met Megan Key in Spring of and we immediately hit it off, quickly becoming good friends. One of the many things we had in common was our love for fitness, with both of us being very keen runners. Exercise had played such a vital role in our transitions, being great for our mental and physical well-being.

As trans women, we knew that if we felt this way about exercise, many others would too, we wanted to celebrate trans women that were out there doing what they love, sharing their stories and encourage others to get out and get active. Using social media to promote visibility and community we quickly built momentum and have a whole host of blog post of trans women sharing their stories, from cycling, sailing, racing driving, martial arts and swimming!

However, once I began transition, I realised that I transgirls tumblr to get healthy, and I started to shape a brighter future for myself. I began with a few DVD workouts at home, followed by a tentative jog round the block, slowly gaining confidence in my newly discovered fitness.

Transgirls tumblr

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