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Read my reviews and take your pick. At Sapphire topless pool you are guaranteed to see topless girls and some of the hottest bods in Vegas, because not only do the female bartenders, cocktail servers and go-go dancers go topless, but this is the pool sapphire nudes the Sapphire dancers come to party, flirt, catch a buzz and work on their tans. Then you see them in the light of the bright Vegas sun and they look twice as good as they did in the dark.

Gentlemen, need I say more? To reserve the club limo, call See that and other package deals for bottle service, the VIP deck more shadedaybeds and cabanas, groups and couples on the Sapphire pool website here. Rather than waste your last day in Vegas, why not spend the day at the Sapphire pool party before your flight or ride out of town?

Call to reserve your ride, or book at the Sapphire pool website. But the Sapphire dancers at the pool will let you know if you ask that there is a VIP area of the club where pool customers can go with dancers from the pool area.

Sapphire nudes

But the pool is not a hustle scene. You will not be accosted by dancers and you may sit around for hours without a dancer ever approaching you. The sapphire nudes wearing pink wristbands will all be Sapphire dancers. The Sapphire pool is now fully topless for anyone who wants to go fully topless. The DJs are top-notch. The music never stops. People are dancing in the water and on the decks. The pool is divided by a volley ball net and the beach balls never stop flying. There are girls doing hula hoops on the deck. The place is bursting at the seams with exposed female flesh.

In addition to the aforementioned complimentary squirt guns, free sunglasses are also made available to guests. There are also dozens of beach balls for sapphire nudes aficionados. You can order food from the gourmet Mexican restaurant at Sapphire, as well as bar food like wings, burgers, sandwiches, sal, pizza and desserts, all moderately priced.

How does the Sapphire Pool compare to the other topless and party pools in Vegas? This is a great pool, and may be the best in Vegas, for watching girls. Topless girl-watching just gets better and better as the afternoon wears on. Many girls get in the water. Some play titty-ball and a few get under the shower. The go-go dancers doing minute high-energy sets out in that Vegas sun are obviously chosen for their athletic bodies and stamina.

Add it to your bucket list. What are the chances this highly touted, potentially amazing, exotic destination has the perfected pastie show running at full throttle so that we, whom are slightly aged in body, increasingly gifted in mental fortitude, and completely decadent in virtue, may indulge in the flowing of lascivious libations, trembling of tantalizing ta tas, and bouncing bubblicious booties?

I regret to inform you and your cohorts that the Sapphire Pool is closed and will not operation until mid-May. All the tantalizing ta tas and bubblicious booties have moved indoors. Nice review. Thanks for putting it together. Some friends of mine and I are putting together a Vegas trip some time in June and will be enjoying much of the Vegas scenery you have described on your site.

I do have a question though and that is what is the policy at this pool and other pools as well when it comes to bringing a camera and taking pictures. Is there a particular etiquette to follow, or is it same kind of rules that apply when you sapphire nudes to the beach?

Joe, a lot of people bring their cell phones to the Sapphire pool and take selfies that they post on social media. Not all of the women are Sapphire dancers, but there are always many that are. Older guys are generally the guys in strip clubs who have and spend the most money, so they tend to be treated well by dancers, staff and everyone else. The other pools are more pick-up scenes. My girlfriend and I both tip every dancer and the waitresses and not always just with singles if the dancer and dance are hot enough.

No thanks. Topless and a nice place. Hey Arnold, very sapphire nudes review!! And if its ok…I have a question 2 guys of us come over to Vegas from Germany. We want to spend 1 day at Sapphire Dayclub and take a cabana or bungalow package. If I look at some pictures around the internet, it looks like the cabanas are more in the middle of the action?! What do you think? I think for just two of you, the cabana makes more sense. I have, perhaps, a silly question about logistics. Do they have lockers?

Sapphire nudes

Do guys just show up in bathing suits or are there change-rooms? Thanks for the great site, Arnold. Cancon, yes. Cancon, the lounge chairs are all right up against the pool. In back of the lounge chairs are all of the cabanas and bungalows. So the main choice is whether to be close to the bar or the DJ booth. The bar is nice if you want to get out of the sun and into the shade sometimes. The other end of the pool, near the DJ booth, is where the go-go dancers are—excellent girl-watching. Much depends on the weather and the porn star on Sunday. I was wondering if there is a decent ratio of women to men?

Specifically is this going to be a sausage party? Quite a few Sapphire dancers party at the pool in addition to all of the cocktail servers, go-go dancers, etc. Plus, some women who are not dancers also come to this pool, often in couples or groups. The dancers wear wristbands so you know which girls you can ask about sapphire nudes private shows.

Arnold, we were in on Monday-Tuesday a couple of weeks ago. Had a blast at the club. Thinkin about coming back in mid September. I wanted to know if the pool would still be open. Thanks bud and I love the site. Bishop, last year the last weekend for Sapphire pool was the weekend after Labor Day weekend. Hope that works for you. I checked their website and it says opening Spring Any idea when the pool is supposed to open this year?

I would like to try the pool for the first time this summer. What is the valve of getting a cabana vs. I want to girl watch and hang out for the afternoon, meet the dancers and come back and enjoy the club with them later that night. Is the food any good? Do they give you a comp ride back to your hotel? Appreciate any insight.

A lounge chair is included with free limo, free drinks and free admission for roughly the price of just the drinks in one of the pool packages. If you get a lounge chair or lounge chair package, the best seats are near the transparent pool at one end of the large pool or the shower fountain at the other end. The daybeds and cabanas are more expensive and the deals online are all for multiple guests.

They provide shade and a place to entertain women at the pool. The Sapphire dancers wear pink wrist bands. Sapphire has great food, both from the club grill sapphire nudes the gourmet Mexican restaurant on property. There will also be drink specials all day. I was chatting with a host this morning and they said this pool has gone topless now. No pasties required.

Can you confirm this please!! John, I can personally now confirm that the Sapphire pool is fully topless. No pasties required anymore. Change in the law or in the interpretation of the law. Can you run up a tab at the pool? If so are there any extra charges, some places charge extra for credit cards over cash. Hi Arnold. Let the host help make introductions. I just had one of the worst Vegas experiences in my Vegas life let alone at a strip club. I went to the Saphire pool thinking it would be great this time but boy was I wrong.

Might have liked a lap dance but no one offered. I understand that happens but she actually asked me for cab money so she could leave instead of a lap dance. She even said she had no money for rent. A walking cliche. Then I told a manger what went on and he could have cared less. No incentive to get me to stay and actually enjoy the club. Bob, the pool is not really a strip club. I was just to the right of that photo on the front too. I want the job of that portly fellow taking those pictures. I think sometimes people, when I have been reading reviews, are expecting one thing from the topless pool than what actually happens and get disappointed.

In a few ways I enjoyed the pool more than the one at the hotel I was staying at. Overall the people watching is fun, especially with the guys hitting on the dancers. They are funny sometimes. And even though I am older than many sapphire nudes the pool, one visit I sapphire nudes I was the oldest one there until sapphire nudes 3 in the afternoon, it was still fun.

The host I had even set up a return to my hotel for me and made some arrangements for me to come back to the club that night. I would defintely try to get one of the deals if you can and at least for me, they let me pick out my lounge chair when I got there, thinking possibly it was because it was Friday.

Sapphire nudes

I am thinking of maybe making two trips to the pool this year and possibly upgrading to a daybed or cabana just for the hell of it. Ryan, a daybed or cabana and a couple of bottles is a great way to get all the dancers to come over and party with you. As some people have been telling me, you only live once so as I get a little closer to my trip time will check on both the daybed or even cabana.

Sapphire nudes

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