Leaked nude selfies

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Leaked nude selfies

His descriptions of racy photos might be the least scandalous part of his battle with the National Enquirer. Jeff Bezosthe founder of Amazon and the richest man in the world, just publicly admitted that he sent nude selfies to his girlfriend. But detailed descriptions of his sexts were probably the least scandalous leaked nude selfies of a blog post he published on Thursday. Because inif someone is sending nudes to a partner, who really cares? AMI said on Friday that it would investigate his allegations. All this has important implications for Trump, AMI, and the process by which powerful people in America can keep information about them hidden.

Up against all that, the fact that Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez appear to have sent racy pictures to one another is not especially meaningful. Whatever the case, the release of nude photos would certainly be embarrassing for him — but hardly damning. In fact, journalist Ronan Farrow has said he was also the victim of attempted blackmail by the company. For now at least, Bezos is controlling the narrative around his dealings with AMI — and the naked pictures of him have become one of the least consequential parts of the story. I will show you with my body, and my lips and my eyes, very soon.

Around the same time, the Bezoses announced they were divorcing, though a source close to the couple told Vox that they had separated before Bezos began seeing Sanchez. After the Enquirer story ran, Bezos wrote in his blog post Thursday, he launched an investigation into how the Enquirer obtained the texts and why they decided to publish them.

Leaked nude selfies

Instead of complying, Bezos published what he said were exchanges with AMI executives, including detailed descriptions of all the selfies. Indeed, Bezos ultimately has little to lose by publishing details about the selfies.

Leaked nude selfies

But ultimately, such photos are fairly commonplace. A study by security firm McAfee found that 54 percent of adults had sent or received explicit messages, photos, or videos, and the s may well have risen since then — a study found that more than 80 percent of adults had sent sexually suggestive texts in the past year.

Meanwhile, leaked nude selfies photos of celebrities have become public as a result of hacks in the past — inhackers posted nude or semi-nude photos of dozens of actresses online, including Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst. And inthe singer Sia released a nude picture of herself when someone tried to sell it. Bezos may have had less to lose than a similarly high-profile woman by admitting to his selfies — and, certainly, the fact that they leaked nude selfies not actually been published for the world to see matters.

Sending such pictures unsolicited is a form of harassment ; when teenagers send them, it raises additional questions of safety and legality. But ultimately, Bezos had relatively little to lose by admitting that he participated in a practice that the majority of American adults have also engaged in. And by calling out AMI and its ties to Trump in the process, he may have had something to gain.

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Leaked nude selfies

Jeff Bezos admitted to sending nude selfies. Who cares? Reddit Pocket Flipboard. Bezos says AMI threatened to publish his selfies.

Leaked nude selfies

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Leaked nude selfies Leaked nude selfies

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