Sissy looking for mistress

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Young, seductively beautiful, playfully strict lifestyle and professional Domina, the wonderful world of BDSM has always held a particular fascination for Myself. At the tender age of 18, I fell naturally into the role of Dominant after meeting My first slave.

I am a dominant young woman who also possesses empathy, compassion and a nurturing disposition — that much sought after perfect and rare combination.

Sissy looking for mistress

I adore the power and responsibility that being in control gives Me, and I believe in connecting deeply with My playthings. Having fun is the most important factor, and I take great pleasure in constructing elaborate and successful role-play scenes. Adept with both physical punishment and psychological control, I love mind games and to humiliate, tease and torment you, and leave you begging for more as you become more and more addicted to me and My playful sadism. Completely enjoying My power over you, I may trample you, tie you up, or gag you and beat you. The possibilities are endless and each session unique to your interests and desires which can be discussed and explored together, discreetly.

Connection is everything, and I understand what is inside your mind when you reveal your fantasies and darkest desires to Me. I enjoy inflicting physical punishment on your vulnerable body using a variety of implements from paddles to floggers.

Sissy looking for mistress

I will hurt a masochist and humiliate a submissive. She will get inside your head and break you; physically and psychologically and take immense pleasure in your suffering for Her. A true femme fatale that will get inside your mind, your body and dig deep into your deepest desires and fears and create an experience that is completely unforgettable.

Blonde, tattooed, tall and tanned. I have curves in all the right places. I love fine wine and fine food. I am elegant and educated. And I will destroy you. Some of My specialties include: Restraint. Impact play. Humiliation private and public.

Orgasm denial. Medical play. Human ashtray. Foot worship. Financial domination. Forced feminisation. I like to walk on the more extreme side of things. I offer water and hard sports, although these will incur an extra fee. Contact me for details. I deserve to be spoiled. I expect gifts alongside my Tributes. I also have a wishlist you may purchase gifts from. Contact Me for details.

I am a pure Dominatrix, and do not provide sexual services. You may be allowed to relieve yourself for My amusement, but only if you have earned it. As well as being skilled in the art of Female Domination, Sissy looking for mistress Dahlia has researched psycho-sexuality and is also trained in Tantric Therapy.

Though be warned, She loves nothing more than to taunt and tease her toys, revels in playing a variety of roles and is creative in the way she coerces and controls. I have experienced much success in bettering My boys and girls through incentivisation, punishment and reward.

Sissy looking for mistress

I feel that nurture, cruelty and temperance must be equally present within the Top for a session to be optimally stimulating. The facility is a comprehensive fetish hideaway for the dark, depraved and delicious in the Midlands, where you can become whomever I decide. I am a well spoken, educated intelligent Mistress. I am a versatile Mistress that accommodates beginners through to experienced. I can be a friendly gentle Mistress introducing You to kink or a sadistic bitch.

Sissy looking for mistress

I am based in a rural discreet, private location within an equestrian setting, with a well equipped dungeon. Sessions can be either in the dungeon, outdoors or domestic. I am a seductress, I do not need to scream and shout. I find seduction is a far more powerful tool.

I can see through you. Your desire to be that beautiful girl. Take my hand as I guide you towards your feminisation. Strap on. An art I have mastered as you will feel after multiple cum sensations Caning, cbt, body worship. Come to me. You will get addicted. Mistress Clarissa is an experienced professional and lifestyle British Dominatrix and Hypnotic Mistress based in London.

Many Dominatrixes offer a full range of services, what distinguishes Mistress Clarissa is that she is one of the few to offer live FemDom hypnotic sessions.

Sissy looking for mistress

She welcomes gentlemen, ladies and couples of all descriptions, and offers experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced. Although a sensual sadist, she respects all limits. I take great satisfaction in turning submissive men into my sissy little slave boys. You will be my table, my foot stool, my sissy maid…. Completely under my control. If you think you have what it takes to be my sissy little slave, get in touch and book a session.

Domestic chores Blackmail Financial Domination. I am a dominatrix who knows what I want and I will have it. Your focus will soon be centred on worshipping my feet as I relax in a chair, or focusing on the sound sissy looking for mistress my voice echoing of all four walls, or maybe just a simple glance from my blue eyes will have you encapsulated in my essence and powerless to disobey any of my commands.

I am quite happy relaxing as you worship my feet and I might even let sissy looking for mistress have the privilege of painting my toenails for me. Those who fail to follow my commands will feel the sting of my flogger as well as anytime that I feel like it. You will quickly realise that I demand perfection and can be very harsh in handing out discipline. I am quite open and relaxed about discussing any needs or desires that you have so no need to be nervous or hold back.

I can work wonders so long as you explain what you are looking for. As part of any session I will discuss with you what limits that you have. However any attempt to control or influence a session once it has started will not be tolerated. Once I have agreed on the details of a session, Control is Mine and your only choice is to obey. In a session, I do not shout, swear or inflict pain simply to demonstrate my dominance. I can and will take control of you as a single command.

You will find the great experience of your life by simply letting control slip away from you and giving in completely and utterly to my Will. I will tease and torment you into giving me everything that I want. Your pleas for mercy will go unheard as I use you as I please. Maybe I will introduce you to your new life as a footstool? Or a pony for me to ride? Or a kneeling target that will soon feel the sting of my cane? Search for:. Advanced Search. Mistress Name: Princess Jessika. Category: Mistresses in North West. Description: Young, seductively beautiful, playfully strict lifestyle and professional Domina, the wonderful world of BDSM has always held a particular fascination for Myself.

Mistress Website Address: Visit my website. Mistress Phone : Mistresses key words: Ball Bustingcaging and confinementcaningcbtchastitydoxy edgingelectricsfinancial controlgags and hoodsgas masksheels fetish.

Sissy looking for mistress

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