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I'm sitting here, bored and just thought about asking this question Have any of you girls had a pair of your panties stolen? If so, explain what happened. When I was visiting back home Cali my first Christmas break from college winter of I had two pairs of my panties stolen from my suitcase.

I found out, through my sister, that one of her male friends who was 13 at the time stole them when he was at the house.

Teen panties forum

Never got them back though. I also had a pair disappear when I was doing laundry at a laundry mat once, but I don't know if they were taken or if I just lost them. There you go, stealing panties No, I haven't. I have been stealing panties. I baught this really nice pair at La Senza, and my friend loved them.

Teen panties forum

She slept over at my house that night and when she left the next day I couldn't find them. Not really a used panty story but yeah. People will always talk about you Might as well give them something to talk about. I have, I baught this really nice pair at La Senza, and my friend loved them.

Why would a girl steal girls underwear O. Well let's put it this way That i realize I just never heard of female-to-female-used-panty theft what is the world coming to. It's more like what SugarLips said Yeah, She stole the underwear because they were really nice and. I've had a bra stolen from the Laundry Mat once I should siriously start buying my stuff at a diffrent, less expensive store.

Just what I was thinking. Some of you may think im a pervert, some may not even know i exist, nonetheless i owe it to some of you to share my very first panty whiffing experience. This happened at my house when i was 12 or 13, my cousin was spending the weekend over because her parents were out of town. I've never had any sexual feelings about my cousin whatsoever. She is a pretty girl, don't get me wrong. Holly stood about 5'8" and is real thin. She never really had any baby fat and has never put much weight on her body. Her breasts, a cousin does notice some things, teen panties forum bigger than grapes, but smaller than grapefruit and were simply delightful.

But, I digress As I walked down the hallway, I happened to glance into my sister's room, where Holly slept.

Teen panties forum

I stopped in front of the door, noticing something very intriguing I walked over to her bed, ignoring the other piles of clothing, and stopped in front of the panties. Something was stirring in me that I had never felt before. I had never been excited about a woman's undergarments before, giving them about as much attention as I give my own. But the thought of touching and smelling something that touches my own cousins cunt became very exciting to me suddenly.

I picked up the panties on top, they were white with a pink hue to them. I unfolded them and looked at the crotch. Teen panties forum slight yellowish stain of some substance, or multiple substances, was amazing. I put the panties up against my face and I inhaled their scent. I got lost in the intoxicating scent of woman. Five minutes must have passed before I realized what I was doing. The erecting of my penis was once again occurring, so I did what seemed to be perfectly logical. To free up both hands, I placed Holly's panties over my head, being careful to make sure the crotch was over my nose.

As I did this, I caught a glance of myself in a mirror next to her dresser. Even though I was about to take this depravity even further, I could still appreciate how ridiculous I looked with her panties over my face. I then pulled my own underwear down around my feet and looked for a place to go about my business.

Out of respect for my little sister, I decided I wouldn't masturbate in her room. I shuffled out her room, and down the hall towards my original destination, the bathroom. Tripping over my own feet, I barely escaped injury as I fell to the ground next to the bathroom door. Recovering quickly, I teen panties forum up and entered the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, I smothered Holly's panties into my face with my left hand as I ferociously jacked myself off with my right hand. I again breathed in her smell.

Teen panties forum

I felt like an animal. Nothing had ever turned me on so much before. I started panting, tiring from the excitement. After a few minutes, I came. Cum splattered on the wall five feet away from where I was seated on the toilet. While wiping my cum off the wall with toilet paper, I realized that this had been the third time I had ejaculated in the last several hours.

And I became very pleased with myself remember i was only about After flushing the DNA evidence down the toilet, I took a shower, metaphorically washing my sins away. After collecting my thoughts, I returned her dirty panties to the pile of clothes, I went to my room, dressed and laid down in my own bed.

I fell asleep for the remainder of the afternoon. Ever since that fateful day, i have been spending a good amount of time concocting new and innovative ways of smelling strange vagina When commenting on a Joke forum. Best to let them dry in your dryer or inside your home. Yuki, you wrote a short story on that The part where you tripped made me LOL. When we lived in Greece we had our panties stolen off our washing line. One hour they were there and then next they were gone. I blamed the tourists but Poppi said I underestimated just how lewd her people were. We never found out who stole them, but by next wash we'd bought a dryer.

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Teen panties forum

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