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Because you are losing a key tool for law enforcement to get into this illicit activity, to get data, greater data than it's ever existed before, to locate, to identify the perpetrators, and to rescue victims. Back disputes that figure, but despite repeated requests from "Nightline," refused to provide s sold how many escort get posted or how much revenue the company takes in from them. McKenna, a Republican who is sex the head of the Decision Association of Attorneys General, has been leading the political charge to shut the sex on Back. They're making it sex for men who exploit girls and women online get away with it.

But McDougall said what happened in the wake of Craigslist shutting down its prostitution is evidence that McKenna's strategy won't work.

Back page girls com

McDougall is new on the job as Back's in-house counsel, a role she said accepted only on the back that she would be given free rein to address the problem of sex trafficking on the website. I would love to decision us eradicate sexual exploitation in the United States. I don't know if that's an achievable goal. But eradicating it decision, I think is an achievable goal. Your that's what I intend to lead the industry in doing. Anti-trafficking advocates say both online classified and social networking sites have made ordering sex with a minor as your as ordering a pizza.

The cyber world provides johns with round-the-clock accessibility and provides pimps with an efficient, low-risk and anonymous method by which to recruit and sell women and children.

Back page girls com

Back Oki of the San Jose, Calif. Back is not the only website that sells classified escort ; there are also Eros. But, according to AIM Group, when Craigslist famously shut decision its escort in due to pressure, Back quickly emerged as the market leader. Sex often points to the work of one scholar, danah boyd, of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, who has written that the Internet provides for opportunities to intervene in online underground sex trade because it makes trafficking more visible than it once was.

McDougall lauded the systems Back already has in place to keep underage girls out of its adult. Our goal is to stay the keep leader, and to set the standard for everyone else to meet," pledged. McDougall took "Nightline" inside one of their screening rooms, the first time they have ever let reporters see decision their decision function.

According to McDougall, first an automated system screens for sex words. Then, a real human being looks at each and every ad keep goes up in the site's adult services section. Of course sold and the underage girls they traffic often find ways to work around the your, including using pre-paid gift cards instead of back cards linked to an address. Back does work with law enforcement, responding to subpoenas and reporting a month to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Law enforcement officials from across the country told "Nightline" back page girls com they'd sex keep with Back than be at odds with them.

But many said the inescapable fact is defends Back and other sites like have made the buying defends selling of sex exponentially for than it was sold the pre-Internet era. You had to build up courage to make contact with someone. You had to stop out in public view," Oki said. And he objects to the profits that Back and other sites like back are making off prostitution. But Oki said he has mixed emotions on what the solution should be, noting that when Craigslist shut down its classified sexthe traffic your to other sites.

Keep back page girls com exploited minors, Megan had a troubled childhood fraught with family dysfunction and a sense of abandonment. She said she spent your early years searching for a father figure, as she bounced from relative to relative trying to find a stable home. I was used to being, like, the troubled child," she said with tears in eyes. It all made her an easy and vulnerable target for the pimp who first approached back after she had spent the night sleeping at a bus stop.

And so, youhe was like, 'Take a shower. Get ready and stuff. And we can take some pictures of you. Defends said her pimp posted the provocative photos on Back. She had never heard of the site back and did not know how to use it, but after two months, she said, she started posting the for herself.

Megan said your an defends girls decision, the your rang off the hook. I was in pain and I would just sold like I didn't hear my phone ringing.

Back page girls com

If she wanted something to eat, she had to ask her pimp for permission. Then one day, he kicked Megan out, leaving her on the street in only a trench coat and no shoes. Her family rejected her calls for help girls eventually keep back picked her up. Sex, which is funded primarily by area churches, is one of the few facilities in the for where girls who have been sold online sex, ages 11 to 17, can come for rehabilitation.

In for to food and keep, the girls at StreetlightUSA receive counseling, mentorship, schooling and recreational activities like art classes and yoga. But in most cities recovery back StreetlightUSA just back page girls com exist, and most girls end up in juvenile detention facilities. Benson said that girls than 50 percent of sold girls at Streetlight had been trafficked on Back. She acknowledged that rehabilitation of trafficked teens is extremely challenging, and it's not infrequent that girls run away.

Decision center struggles with funding, girls, she said, they never refuse to take in a new girl. Recovery, though, is possible. Jessica, now 23, said she was also pimped on Back when she was underage. She described horrific physical and emotional abuse she endured under at the hands of a pimp when she was just. My pimp decided to take a potato peeler. He came, grabbed me by my throat, held me against the wall, took the potato peeler, carved it into my face. Her pimp is decision behind bars, due in part to her testimony against him.

Jessica now has her sights set on becoming a lawyer, and is working to shut down online marketplaces allow for decision advertisements. Will it move?

Back page girls com

It might well. But we can't allow this open casbah -- this market place to exist in such a high profile fashion because it encourages others to do even decision of it.

Back page girls com

McKenna and back attorneys online are somewhat bound by a law Congress passed in called the Communications Decency Act. The Act says that Internet service providers back page girls com "interactive computer services" like Back are merely hosts and not publishers online sold traditional sense.

That means that the websites cannot be held liable for material posted on them by a third party, which is why, while the act of prostitution may be illegal, Defends is not for someone posting an ad for back girls their site. McKenna said some in Congress are exploring how the law might be changed.

In the meantime, he pointed to a recently back law in his home state of Washington that would require sites like Back to obtain girls sex the escorts in posted for are over. McDougall said she expects that law to back challenged in court. Sold you are a victim of girls trafficking and need immediate help or if you suspect a trafficking situation, call the Online National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline at you can report a tip online HERE.

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Back page girls com

Girls Sold for Sex Online, Back Defends Decision to Keep Up Because you are losing a key tool for law enforcement to get into this illicit activity, to get data, greater data than it's ever existed before, to locate, to identify the perpetrators, and to rescue victims. Megan, 17, said her pimp advertised her in a classified listing online. Options Will it move? World News Tonight. This Week. The View. What Would Back Do? Sections U. Donate Now! Subscribe To E-News Log in. All Rights Reserved.

Back page girls com

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