Men wearing pantyhose stories

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Do you enjoy wearing pantyhose? Many couples wear pantyhose together, and more men wear pantyhose than you think. Submitted Stories. Up to now my bisexualism had taken me places I wanted to be, and very much enjoyed, with both men and women. The only part that I thought could have been improved was the undressing bit. It seemed to me that both the males and females just wanted to get their clothes off and get down to the fucking as soon as possible. What I wanted was a slower kind of foreplay which involved the silky,smooth feel of nylon and satin on the cocks, cunts, men wearing pantyhose stories asses of my partners and on mine too.

So I advertised for men who loved panties and got a few replies. This was the first man I had met who admitted he loved wearing panties. I had been out with a couple of crossdressers, but they had been tall men who did not make nice looking females. And they, also, just wanted to get on with the sex and not to enjoy playing with the undies.

So now I would find out how a real panty lover went about it. It did not take us long to get our pants off to reveal our pretties.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I was wearing a pair of pale blue satin hipster panties and nude thigh high stockings. He had on white nylon semi full cut briefs with black thigh high stockings. He stood by the bed while I nuzzled my face into the nylon covered cock and caressed his pantied ass, occasionally putting my fingers inside the elastic of the legs to feel his bare skin.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I could feel his cock rising, trapped inside the tight, stretchy material, as I stroked it and held it tightly, with my fingers caressing the full length of the prick through the smooth stretched nylon. The material could barely contain his erect organ, and I was excited to see it straining against the white nylon. He reached down and stroked my erection through the slippery satin panties, making me eager for more. I could feel his hand on the material, giving me a totally different sensation than it would have been if he had stroked my bare cock.

Somehow the satin covering enhanced the experience, making it even more erotic than a naked stroking. We both were getting very excited but wanted to prolong the excitement rather than go for a quick finish. I love to masturbate for as long as possibe before I cum. I like to play with my cock, using the copious precum it men wearing pantyhose stories as lubrication, until I feel that I am about to cum. Then I will lay off for a short while until the feeling has subsided and get going again with just a thumb on top and two fingers underneath in that very sensitive region just under the V-shaped ridge.

If I wear panties, the pleasure is extended even more, as, apart form the erotic effect of wearing the satiny feminine garment, it dilutes the stroking effect of my fingers and gets rid of the sticky part when the precum begins to dry out some. Eventually, I pulled the crotch of his panties aside to get out his hard, upstanding cock. It was about six inches long and not too wide, maybe five inches around. I judged it would fill my ass just as fine as it filled my mouth.

He indicated that he would like to try it for size, but I lay my head on his nylon covered stomach and began to lick his lovely prick. I am not good at deep throating but I men wearing pantyhose stories able to get my lips down to his pubic hair for short periods. I licked and sucked the plum-like corona, lapping my tongue round the ridge and picking up the precum that was beginning to ooze from the slit on top. After I had had my fill of licking and sucking, I grabbed a pair of satin panties and wrapped them round his cock, to give him a different sensation.

I rubbed him and stretched the satin over the head of his cock until I could see the precum oozing through the fine material. His cock reared up, throbbing in my hand, as he reached down for me. We got into a sixty nine, still in our panties and stockings, and began to lick each other? As he licked my cock, I licked his ass to give him the pleasure of a good rimming. I had to pull the panties aside, and finally I pulled them down to his thighs to get better access to that wonderful little pink hole.

As I looked at it, I wondered that such a small hole could expand to fit my 6? Perhaps he was thinking the same thing as he licked my little rosebud. After a while of licking cocks and rimming assholes, I lay on my back and invited him to put his hard cock into me.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

As I had not been fucked for a time, there was an initial pain which soon segued into the indescribable pleasure of a really good butt-fuck by a master. Once we had got over the preliminaries, he began to fuck in and out with a long stroke, so that his balls slapped against my men wearing pantyhose stories on the in stroke and his prick almost came out of my yearning ass on the out stroke.

I had my heels on his shoulders and tried to thrust my ass back onto his cock and wiggle it side to side to increase the feeling of fullness and the feeling on the sides of my men wearing pantyhose stories as he lunged in and out. He took hold of my cock and began to stroke it holding it tight and stroking in time with his thrusts. That made me get into a confused motion with my hips trying to get his cock deeper in me and to get my cock thrusting into his hand.

My hands were on his butt, pulling him into me, urging him on to greater and harder thrusting into my bemused ass. He finally shouted? Come inside my ass, I want to feel your spunk hitting my prostate!? Then I felt the warm semen flooding my rectum, and trickling down my ass as he filled me up with his sperm. I shot my load between our bodies, lubricating them for the last few thrusts and lurches of his spasming torso. As we relaxed, he tucked my sensitive member into my satin panties, where it still strained against the confining material, and oozed the last drops of cum.

I grabbed his panties and, as he laid back and lifted his legs, I drew them up over his thighs and when he lifted his bottom off the bed, I pulled them up and over his now softening prick, stroking that organ that had just given us both so much pleasure. We lay side by side, gently stroking each other through the silky feeling material of our panties, until our cocks both began to harden again.

This time I got on top and pulled his panties down over his thighs to get to his manpussy again so that I could lick and suck at that spasming hole. He winked it at me, playing with the muscles that would soon be holding my prick. I didn? At his desparate urging, I pushed against his hole until he relaxed it enough to get the head of my cock inside his anus. He winced a bit as I stretched the entrance so I took it very slowly until he told me it was feeling better. Then I continued to shove my instrument further and further into that warm clinging hole, until my balls were being tickled by his pubic hair.

Men wearing pantyhose stories

I slowly withdrew until just the head of my prick was held by his educated muscles, and then thrust hard into him. Harder and harder I pushed, my balls slapping loudly against his glutes. Faster and faster I thrust, shaking his whole body with my mad thrusting. I bent forward and bit his tits until he cried out. I held his throbbing cock in my hand and could feel the cum beginning to surge up from his balls.

I said, breathlessly, as he welcomed my final thrusts with a push back into me which nearly upset us both. My cum spurted out of my dick into his slavering ass, and began to ooze out and froth up around my prick in his anus. I leaned forward and relaxed in his cum which was spread out on our bellies, gradually cooling from the white hot heat of our coupling.

As I rolled off him I bent down and licked the cum from his ass and then pulled his panties up over his softening prick, tucking it into the waistband as it subsided to a panty loving size, and pulled up my own satin garments, folding my now men wearing pantyhose stories cock into its lustful place. Then I licked the cum from his body, cleaning him up and tasting that delicious cum. Next time I want some in my mouth. As we lay there recovering from the outstanding sex, we gently ruffled through each other?

Men wearing pantyhose stories

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Men wearing pantyhose stories

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